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  • Advertisement
    We advertise your objects through sites: www.happyrent.ee, www.city24.ee, www.kv.ee, etc., additional advertising can be arranged after negotiation with the owner.
  • Photos
    In collaboration with a professional photographer, we make photos of your property with excellent quality, which at times driving views to the object in internet.
  • Property handling
    You can leave us keys to the apartment, and we will find you a new tenant, considering your wishes and advices we negotiate all the points and subjects.
  • At the request of customers, we also began to provide repair jobs, renovated apartment is much more attractive for sale or for rent.
  • Design
    Many customers want to have a more detailed understanding of how their object will look after renovation, our designer will help you make the 3D design of apartment with design of furniture. Together you will be able to coordinate all aspects of interior and select desired construction materials, especially suitable for your property. New purchased housing is a new world. The world, where you want to live with pleasure - you need to create the right atmosphere and comfort.

For any individual, his home - above all a place where he's comfortable where he can relax, rest, or, conversely, focus for the work. Home - a place where he always wants to go back where he feels safe, where faces the warmth and comfort. No wonder they say: my house - my fortress.

A significant role in setting up home is the art of arranging domestic interior design. Creating a harmonious interior, a long-term investment. It will help you to enjoy your room for a long time, as a work of art.

In a world where we all - the rush and is trying to deal with the lack of time. Interior designer not only saves the customer money, as well as his time. All the work of finding suitable options designer takes on himself, and you just have to choose the best of the best.

If you want to sell previously purchased housing, but it does not attract buyers, the designer can help to transform your apartment or house without attaching a lot of effort and money.

Design services:

• Creating the concept of interior design

• The structure of the space and its changes

• Layout of furniture

• Plan coverage (location lighting, electrical outlets and switches to high)

• Plan floor and ceiling (the choice of materials and their location)

• Color Scheme

• Materials and Supplies

• Plans and ideas for furniture-making

• 3D visualization

• Table specifications (where available finishes and interior of your project)

• Advice

• Site visits

We work with distribution centers to supply equipment, manufacturers and suppliers of furniture, manufacturers of windows, doors, wardrobes, curtains, etc. Be sure to ask our offer and compare prices!



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